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Welcome to Sunflower Day Nurseries, four separate Day Nurseries working together to maintain the highest possible standards of care for your children. One of our Nurseries is rated OUTSTANDING in all areas of inspection, and the others GOOD in all areas of inspection. Please read the inspection reports at the OFSTED website, we are very proud of them.

Choosing the right Nursery is paramount to a fulfilled life as a parent, so we make the decisions easier for you by providing a safe, stimulating, family orientated, happy and caring environment, to deliver appropriate play, educational and learning goals for your child.

We place enormous emphasis on children being safe, secure and developing their individual needs. Sunflower Day Nurseries believe that the children and the care we provide for them are always the priority. Our belief in your child’s ability is linked to our motto: To Nurture, Cherish and Develop.

As parent/guardians, you have to be able to trust the people caring for your children. In order to facilitate this, we will ask you to attend sessions prior to and during the first few days of the care we provide in order for you and your child to be comfortable with us. Parents as partners are fundamental to our philosophy, so we encourage your involvement at every step, you too Dad’s. Indeed this is positively encouraged so that there is a gentle separation. We too are parent/guardians and understand the powerful emotions of leaving loved ones. You will be given every opportunity to talk to staff and management who will make every effort to help you and your child through this adjustment to your routine. You will receive daily reports about your child to take home, as well as verbal briefings from staff. You will be encouraged to attend meetings to discuss with the Nursery staff your child’s progress, needs and development. We need you to trust us with your precious baby or toddler, and we aim to earn that trust from day one.

Sunflower Day Nurseries are regularly inspected by OFSTED, to ensure that we are following and implementing the recognised guidelines. All premises are regularly inspected by regulatory bodies such as
the Fire Service, Environmental Health, and Water Services to ensure that we provide the safest possible environment.

At Sunflower Day Nurseries we recognise that parent/guardians are the first and foremost educators of their children. Your child’s progress will be carefully monitored and recorded. We use a range of tools to help make assessments on your child’s learning and Development. Sunflower Day Nursery @ Crediton and the Race Course use the LearningBook to enable staff to collate observations both written, Photographs and videos of your child. Braeside uses Tapestry in the same way and Courtenay Park continues to use a Development File to monitor and record important milestones of your child’s behaviour.  Our policy is to work closely with you and we would welcome your comments at Parents Evenings or when you drop off or collect your children. We are striving to improve at all times and value your opinion. This is an important document as you are encouraged to tell us about your child on a day to day basis. It forms a strong link between the Sunflower Day Nursery and home. We are then fully informed and have a better understanding of what you require as a parent/guardian for your child. Our promise is to provide the highest quality of Childcare and Early Years Education and we will discuss your child’s progress with you in detail.

Our nurseries are designed to suit the needs of young children, with large, bright, playrooms, all complete with modern indoor equipment and a variety of age-appropriate toys. It is important that parents know their children are safe in our care, so all our nurseries feature secure access systems throughout.
All of our nurseries enjoy the benefit of outdoor space, which is utilised at every opportunity. Our gardens/outdoor areas offer a variety of age-appropriate equipment.
Sunflower Day Nurseries combine caring with education by following the Department of Education’s learning framework, the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). Sunflower Day Nurseries believe that learning should be stimulating for young children, so play times are educational as well as fun. Sunflower Day Nurseries are continuously developing new and exciting ways of encouraging child development in a safe and stimulating environment.
As well as toys, we use real-life props, such as brushes and gardening tools, and small-world toys to help build a child’s imagination and language skills. Construction play is also available, such as building blocks, to help children develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness, as well as problem-solving. Physical play equipment such as tricycles, balancing beams and tunnels are available to encourage physical activity, as well as creative play to build a child’s imagination, creativity and coordination.