These are just a few of the hundreds of letters of support we have received over the last few years. We hope you enjoy them and feel the depth of appreciation our lovely children and their parents have for us.

As I hadn’t been living in the area very long, I didn’t know many people, so finding a good nursery was a difficult task for me.
After some research, I found Sunflowers Day Nursery. After speaking to Sue, the manager, regarding a placement and visiting the nursery, I felt an instant connection with both her and the staff. This was important for me as this was the staff that would be looking after my son each day.
Since day one, my son has enjoyed each day and always comes home smiling. I couldn’t have made a better choice.
Over the 18mths of my son attending Sunflowers Nursery, it has definitely been the best decision I have made for both my son and myself. They have helped him through different issues he has progressed well through that. This is due to the help, support and dedication from all the staff at the nursery.
I would highly recommend Sunflowers Nursery to anybody looking for a well structured, trusting and happy environment for their children to be introduced to. Please take time to visit this nursery and meet the staff to see how beneficial this nursery will be for your child.
Louise L. (Parent)
We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ so so much for looking after (our child) for the last three and a half years…she has loved every minute of being at Sunflowers. There has never been a day when she has not wanted to go and it’s a very sad day today saying goodbye. Thanks for always being understanding when I have had to contact you at short notice, I appreciate you being flexible. I will try not to cry when I pick her up tonight.

We just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has played with and looked after (our child) in the year and a half that he has attended. You have all done a marvellous job in preparing him for school in September. We will miss you all very much!

Thank you so much for looking after me for the last three and a half years. I have enjoyed every minute of it and will miss you all loads!
My Mummy and Daddy are very grateful to you for looking after me and making sure that I am big and ready for school. …They will be back soon with my little brother!
Thank you for taking care of me for the last 4 years. I’ve laughed, played ate lovely food and made a load of best friends. I will miss you all very much. All my love xxx
To all the staff at Sunflowers who looked after me, thank you so much for all your love and care. You made my first day at school a pleasurable one as I now feel happy and confident in myself especially in a new situation. You will always be special to me, lots of love…
Congratulations on the OUTSTANDING Ofsted Inspection. Everyone has worked really hard and deserves it. All my love…

Comments from Staff
“I am so proud to be part of the racecourse team, the staff and children
are all enthusiastic, energetic and they all have their own unique personalities, making our setting a safe, stimulating and fun environment”.
Maggie Manager @theracecourse

As manager at Sunflower Day Nursery Crediton, I have a real passion for quality care and education and strive for this in all aspects of the provision. Colleagues at the setting have worked here for prolonged periods of time which shows a commitment to the families and children that attend, this is a really important part of maintaining secure relationships with children as they develop and thrive within a safe and secure environment with familiar adults.

The children here are happy and enjoy the activities that are on offer, as they are specifically designed with their interest and development stages in mind, therefore children meet their expected age milestones. Where needed staff ensure that children are well supported through challenges they may face and work with other agencies and professionals to best support them to narrow the gap and prepare them for the next stages in their lives.

As early years is forever changing, it is our responsibility to maintain and meet Ofsted requirements, therefore staff continually develop their knowledge and skills through short courses and higher education to best support children. This further develops in the setting where we constantly look for improvements to enhance children’s learning environment, this has led to many changes both in our outdoor and more recently in 2013 the indoor provision went through many changes in consultation with the parents to meet the children and community needs. Every decision and action we make we always have the question ‘what outcomes will this have for our children?’ therefore children in our setting is always at the centre of what we do, what we want to achieve and how can we continue to improve on practice for their benefit.

Without the support of our parent/carers, children, staff and other professionals we would not be thriving like we are today and for that I’m truly grateful.

Stacey McDonald


“I feel Working at Sunflower Day Nursery is rewarding watching the children grow and in a setting that supports and extends areas of children’s development, the staff team work closely together ensuring the best for the children, excellent place to work”. Emily

“Vibrant, stimulating and fun opportunities on offer for both staff and children, the opportunities for the children are outstanding and it a pleasure to be part of a setting that cares”. Jade

“Sunflower Day Nursery is a magical place to work fun, safe, exciting and rewarding. All the staff are open minded and have a gentle approach”. Fay

“The fun begins at Sunflower Day Nursery, team work is top of the agenda which makes the ethos friendly and exciting an environment where children are happy to come and learn”. Gillian

“At Sunflower Day Nursery the staff have a key role in children’s development, identifying children’s individual needs, implementing them in a fun and interesting way”. Alison

“I enjoy working at Sunflower Day Nursery and take pride in cooking, encourage the children to try different tastes, texture and a variety of meals. A brilliant staff team to work with who ensure the setting offers the children challenging activities”. Anne

“Sunflowers Crediton is a lovely place to work. The children always make us feel happy to be working with them. It’s great to be in this environment as you can see how the children change throughout their time here.” Michelle

All the staff are friendly at Sunflowers Crediton, great to see the children develop from babies to five years of age, and it is easy to have a good working relationship with our parents. Kirstie

Sunflowers is a great place to work, everyone is very friendly, that includes staff, parents as well as children. There is a lot of trust given from parents to us, and they always seem happy at the end of the day. Tracey.

At Crediton Nursery, we work in an airy light room with great staff, who like to have fun with the children and together. We have great friendships together and with our parents. In my work, children always come first. Gill.

The Crediton Nursery is fantastic. Over the six years I have worked here the standards are extremely high and I am proud to work here. The children are well cared for in a caring and secure environment. Michelle Boddy.

We are so fortunate to work with dedicated professionals at all of our settings. We have worked diligently to develop our three Nurseries, but it could not be done without the hard work and sincere of all our staff and Managers who make the Nurseries what they are today. Thank you to the staff, parents and most of the children for making our Nurseries so successful.
Steve and Samantha Morris, Owners